Each day on Sanbona is unique – just like the reserve and its nature-based, responsible tourism and conservation projects

Sanbona is deeply committed to the long-term sustainability of the reserve, as well as providing continued economic opportunity to local people and the region. It’s a massive task and responsibility, but one Sanbona relishes. Conservation and community need to work hand-in-hand to be sustainable and prosperous. So the local community has been involved with Sanbona from the very beginning, and always will be. It’s a simple recipe for success.

Photo by Casper Bester

Photo by Casper Bester


If you’d like to be a donor and become part of this ongoing success story, we warmly welcome you into the greater Sanbona family. The reserve strives to be as financially sustainable as possible through our eco-tourism concept, however the scale of requirements are such that we require your support. Any donated funding will then be used where most needed by the Sanbona conservation team. They may pay for camera traps or tracking collars or a myriad of other necessities required to keep our research
projects on the go.


With your assistance we can expand our reach and impact within conservation, securing this ancient landscape for the benefit of future generations. Kindly submit your details below, and a member from our team will be in direct contact:




    Come on a safari with us and exhale in this ancient, arid wilderness. Specialist guides will tell you of the unique flora and fauna found on the reserve, its robust geology and fragile ecosystems, conservation projects in action and how history shaped the current landscape. Maybe take a guided nature walk and discover the smaller creatures, smell the wild herbal plants and see fresh animal tracks in the sand. The Little Karoo may appear sparse, but it’s a rich and rewarding landscape when you look a little deeper. Bring along the children too and introduce them to the wonders of the natural world. Sanbona is a special place, and when you go there, you’ll feel it too.

    Photo by Chelee Brown

    Photo by Chelee Brown